Aptos, California (Seacliff State Beach) [2022]

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Amotion, LLC


We created this short film towards the end of 2022, before the pier and shoreline were hit with historic storms that ultimately destroyed the pier almost entirely. Announced February 2023, the pier will soon be demolished. For more information about Seacliff State Beach and the Aptos pier, visit California Parks website:

The Pier
Recent storms destroyed over half of the pier and severely damaged the remaining structure. State Parks, in consultation with structural engineers, assessed the current integrity and condition of the remaining pier structure. The final assessment determined that damage to the pier is extensive, and the remaining structure is in a state of imminent collapse and should be removed as soon as possible. Demolition will take place this month.

In an acknowledgement of the historical and community significance of the pier, State Parks is engaged in ongoing discussions regarding interpretation of the pier for visitors, as well as creative ways to highlight the significance of the structure.”

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