Client Story – Santa Cruz METRO

Above: Bus photograph captured by for Santa Cruz METRO. Redwood photograph by Frans Lanting.

Santa Cruz METRO’s mission statement: “To provide easy-to-use, convenient transportation for residents while protecting the environment and building better communities.” From the website.

Starting in January 2023, Amotion began capturing capturing photo and video content with photographer Frans Lanting for Santa Cruz METRO and the One Ride at a Time campaign. Since then, Amotion has been working directly with Santa Cruz METRO to create internal and external media assets including ideating video projects, script writing, photography, video production, archival media management, and graphic design.

“One Ride at a Time is a campaign that gives everyone in Santa Cruz County an opportunity to protect our extraordinary natural resources just by simply riding the bus.

Our home, the Monterey Bay region, is the hottest hotspot for biodiversity in North America according to a study conducted by The Nature Conservancy. Its dynamic confluence of land and sea creates unique ecosystems and supports iconic wildlife from secretive mountain lions to majestic blue whales.

Beginning in January 2023, every ride on a METRO bus donates to our partners in protecting the environment, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and the Bay of Life Fund.

Hop on board and join us in protecting our Monterey Bay, one ride at a time!” – From the “One Ride at a Time” website.

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