Amotion, LLC: Media Production Reel [2023]

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Amotion, LLC


Amotion, LLC is dedicated to visual storytelling using multimedia.
Amotion, LLC was created in 2017 to share knowledge and experiences with visual media. Where stories seek audiences, we create engagement. We have a track record of success with organizations large and small.
Projects in order of appearance:

  1. Frans Lanting & Santa Cruz Metro
  2. Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History CommonGround Festival
  3. Birth Happens: A Brief History of Santa Cruz Midwives
  4. Aptos, California
  5. Do you know?… The HISTORY & ‘The PEOPLE’ of APTOS | Aptos, California

Music: Milieu “Rooms Within Rooms”

Aptos, California (Seacliff State Beach)


The Writing on the Wall at the MAH