Tactogen WeFunder [2022]

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We developed this video around the WeFunder campaign and organizational messaging. Amotion produced, wrote, filmed and edited this video. Interviews and some original footage was used, but many of the shots were stock media.

Link to Tactogen’s Community Investment: https://wefunder.com/tactogen

More information about Tactogen from their website:
“At Tactogen, we are developing a next generation of mental wellness medicines. Psychedelics and other transformative medicines have great promise to heal souls and change lives. Unfortunately, our complex and expensive medical system may keep these benefits out of reach for all but the wealthy. We’re working to build a better system. Tactogen is a public benefit corporation whose goal is to make transformative medicines safer, more effective, and more accessible.”

CommonGround This Weekend


Aptos, California (Seacliff State Beach)